Marine Hydraulic

Boats and yachts require very strong and reliable hydraulics elements. Hydrocap is specialized in hydraulics for the yatching industry.

A hydraulic system can be conceived to carry out many operations, as the raising of the anchor or to roll up the veils. With more than 20 years of experiment in mechanical engineering and hydraulics we propose a broad panel of solutions to you to measure to meet all your specific needs perfectly.


Hydrocap proposes you a vast range of hydro-electric piecespower stations and systems of controls.

Composed of circuits with single function or multifunction, they can be fed by various sources for yachts measuring until 90m.


For us every yacht is unique, thus each element of our hydraulic system is the result of a perfect understanding of the boat and its capabilities.

Hydrocap engineers custom hydraulic products to provide solutions to all marine applications. The hydraulic expertise is combined with our own production in Mouans Sartoux, on the french Riviera, to provide our customers perfect results.



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