The Hydrocap establishment has got a professional workshop where are designed, manufactured then assembled mechanical and hydraulic machines. The specificity of the ships for which our products are intended requires a high level technical environment as well as superior knowledge in mechanics of the fluids.


diagrame-hydraulique-soute-moteurHydrocap has a perfect control of the last advanced technologies in computer-assisted design and realization (CAD, CAD…). For all the mechanical and hydraulic elements of the ships, each part is the subject of a specific study and realized with ultra high precision. That is a minimum when one is solicited on the most prestigious maritime building sites of the yachts and the yachts of luxury.

Among high quality tools used, hydrocappiecesuses software resulting from
aeronautical technology such as:

solidworks Solid Works - Powerfuld 3D CAD software.

PLC Programming Melsoft - Mitsubishi automation.


Equipped with the best of technology, Hydrocap fulfills perfectly the requirements of the great yacht owners and of their crew. Each part is studied, conceived and realized with an extreme precision on noble materials. The result is without call; higher performances and optimal robustness as well for the new buildings as for the restorations and repairs.


ASSEMBLAGE-TANK-ATTIMO    Assemblage2    BD2 model0_754x549    IMG 0029
IMG 0043    IMG 0213    P1020700    Photo-001
IMG 0043    IMG 0213    P1020700    Photo-001